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ipg sweden castle


Over many years, the nobility have ruled their land with an iron fist from the safety of their fortified castle. In their attempt to overthrow the oppressive regime, the outlaw community has joined together to become a force to be reckoned with. Will the King’s army manage to resist the carefully planned attack from the lower classes to take control of the castle?

ipg sweden viet cong village


As you lead your squad down the Ho Chi Minh trail, you come across a seemingly abandoned village nestled within the jungle. The villagers have fled their homes in fear and the village is now teeming with hostile Vietcong. Air cover this far behind enemy lines is not available and a minefield encircles the village, meaning you have no choice but to go straight through. Your mission is to seize control of the village, building by building.

ipg sweden zombies


The Dark Crypt is rumoured to be the home of the Zombies – dangerous, undead corpses that haunt the nearby graveyard. While the Holy Book is upon the Dark Crypt’s high altar, the Zombies ravage the area and attack anyone on sight. Sitting on the Crypt’s high altar is a holy book. It is your mission to evade the mindless creatures, take the sacred book from the Dark Crypt’s altar and escort it to the zombies’ original spawning point.

ipg sweden enemy gates


As the Great War rages on, both the Soviet and Command powers meet to secure and take control of the strategically important land around Stalingrad. The Soviet forces are completely aware that if they do not destroy the main Spetsnaz Intel bunker their war efforts will be critically hindered! To be successful in destroying the bunker, the Soviet forces must fight for control of the bridges, battle forward through enemy lines and place the explosives within the bunker.

ipg sweden jungle


Far from civilisation, somewhere in the dark depths of the rainforest, lies the guerrilla base. In order to find this remote location and survive, you and your team cannot afford to make a mistake as the enemy knows every nearby trail and every hiding place. Your mission is to locate and rescue a downed Allied airman who hangs by his parachute from a tree somewhere in the jungle. Locate the airman and get him out of there before they do!

ipg sweden command post


A group of elite Navy Seals have received vital intelligence on the whereabouts of a local Insurgent Command Post. Information suggests this particular Command Post is harbouring terrorist leaders who have plans for an imminent attack on key military targets. As a Navy Seal it is your mission to move deep into enemy territory and retrieve the hidden explosives. Once you have these in your possession, infiltrate the Command Post and negate the threat.