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How It Works

If you have already bought your IPG paintballing tickets you don’t have long to go before your adrenaline-fuelled day of paintball action begins! Our online booking system is now available if you are ready to organise your paintball event.

  • If you haven’t already purchased your IPG tickets you can buy them for our online price of 10 tickets for 4750 NOK.
  • Follow the booking procedure outlined on the ticket
  • You will have to pay for a set number of paintballs, depending on the location you book – this ensures that everyone in your group will be supplied with the paintball equipment they need for the day.
  • All bookings are subject to availability so please book at least two weeks before your event to avoid disappointment.
  • To see the terms and conditions of the offer, please click the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of every page.

Look through the tabs beneath to find information on how your IPG tickets work and instructions on how to book your paintball event. There is also information on how the game day goes ahead, what you can expect from our premium paintball centres in Norway as well as information on the incredible game zones and industry-leading equipment we provide at IPG paintball centres across the world.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our paintball centres.


  • Give us a call on 800 16 216 or use our online booking system to book your event.
  • To ensure that your desired date is available, please book at least two weeks before your event to avoid disappointment as all bookings are subject to availability.
  • Please give your contact details either over the phone or using our secure online booking system.
  • Make sure you include the tracking number listed on your tickets as each number allows you to book for all 10 players at a discounted rate.
  • We accept card payments via MasterCard, Visa and Maestro.
  • Your booking will be processed immediately and a confirmation email will be send to the address you provided.
  • From this you will receive registration forms, a map to the paintball centre and any other attachments you may have asked for during the booking process.
  • If you have any questions about the booking process you can call one of our friendly booking agents or complete a form on the contact us page and one of our consultants will follow up and address any issues you might have.
Credit Cards Paintball Day Image
Corporate Paintball

IPG paintball events are the perfect way to motivate staff, show your appreciation for your valued clients and help your company achieve their business goals. All national IPG paintball centres have a base camp – a ‘safe zone’ fitted with open air and sheltered seating areas, lockers, flushing WC’s and tea & coffee making facilities. Our paintball days are tailored to suit the needs of every company and our team will be delighted to work with you to arrange your ideal corporate paintball event.

Stag and Hens Paintball

We welcome bookings for all sorts of events and for groups of any size. Birthday parties and stag and hen parties are what we do best, paintball is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Our paintball centres are open almost every day of the year and we can host paintball events on any day of the week, subject to meeting minimum requirements. To check the availability of a centre, please visit the 'Contact Us' page and submit your enquiry – one of our professional event coordinators will get in contact with you regarding availability at your chosen paintball centre.

Birthday Parties Paintball

When it comes to birthday parties, school or youth club days out for children aged 10-17 years, there’s nothing better than a day at an IPG paintball centre. Children are paired up fairly with others according to their age and paintballing experience so everyone gets a chance to be the hero. Our friendly professional paintballing marshals will be standing by at all times, supervising the games and making sure your children are perfectly safe while in the games. Paintball is a safe and fun way for kids to get outdoors, get active and have some fun with each other.

Individuals Paintball

IPG’s exceptional reputation and industry-leading facilities have attracted well-known celebrities and professional sports teams over the years. Hollywood stars and premier league football teams play at our centres regularly safe in the knowledge that they’re getting the best paintball experience money can buy. It’s not just celebrities who receive the VIP treatment either – at IPG, every customer is treated like a star.

      IPG national paintball centres: what happens on a paintball day
  • Arrive for 09.15, or slightly earlier for registration.
  • Meet the friendly, professional centre manager and his experienced marshalling team who will be looking after your group and supervising the day’s games.
  • Pick up your paintball equipment, this consists of:
    • Semi-automatic paintball gun.
    • 200 paintball capacity hopper.
    • Full head protection goggle system.
    • Protective combat suit complete with padded neck collar.
    • Lightweight body armour.
    • 400 paintball capacity battlepack.
    • Unlimited free paintball gun gas propellant.
  • Compulsory safety briefly outlining all you need to know about safety and the game day.
  • Play up to 14 exciting paintball games throughout our film set quality game zones (the number of game zones may vary depending on the centre).
  • Award presentation ceremony at around 16.15.
    Available to purchase from our on-site shop:
  • Hot cooked lunch (dependent on location, please enquire for details)
  • Snacks, sweets and soft drinks.
  • Pyrotechnic grenades (for 18+ only)
  • Armoured gloves.
  • Additional paintballs.
      Local paintball centres: what to expect
    Some local paintball centres represented by IPG may not have the same quality of facilities, equipment and safety standards as our national paintball centres but the fact that they are local makes them more convenient to travel to. If quality is what you are after for your paintball event it might be wise to book your event in a national paintball centre.
  • Arrival and registration times vary from 08:45-10:00.
  • Most local paintball centres provide semi automatic paintball guns, 4 pod battlepacks, 200 round capacity hoppers, half-head goggles and overalls. Please note that most local paintball centres do not provide full head protection goggles.
  • The minimum age for most local paintball centres is 12 years old.
  • You will play 8-12 games throughout the day, depending on the venue you choose.
  • The day usually finishes up between 15.00-16.00.
    Available for purchase:
  • Lunch options at local centres may vary depending on the centre, ranging from hot potatoes to BBQ lunches. Snacks and refreshments are also available to buy. For everything you need to know about your chosen local paintball centre, please give us a call on 800 16 216 and one of our event coordinators will answer any questions you might have.
Paintball Headgear

IPG is proud to bring you the latest and safest in paintball safety innovations, unique to IPG paintball centres: our ergonomically designed, full-head protection goggle system is complete with anti-fog lenses and are recognised by governing safety boards as the safest goggles provided at any paintball centre in Europe. Completely safe, comfortable and well ventilated, we believe you won’t find a better set of paintball goggles anywhere else.

Paintball Guns Markers

We provide our players with brand semi-automatic paintball guns – 0.68 calibre, lightweight and capable of shooting up to seven paintballs per second. Gas propellant is provided free of charge all day.


Our top quality paintballs are manufactured by a major international pharmaceutical company especially for IPG paintball centres. Additional paintballs are available for purchase in different amounts throughout your game day from the on-site shop. All paintballs we use at our centres are fully biodegradable, of the highest quality and are made to perform optimally under any and all inclement weather conditions. For paintball pricing schemes at both local and national paintball centres, please visit the prices page.

Combat Suits and Protective Jerseys

These protective combat suits are fitted with padded neck collars to keep players fully covered. Combat suits are ideally worn over comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to ensure maximum protection.

Battle Packs

Running out of paintballs on the battlefield isn’t a problem with a battlepack around your waist. These 400 paintball capacity ammunition belts allow players to carry enough paintballs with them into the game zones to take on even the toughest of missions.

Armoured Gloves

For those looking to give themselves that edge over other players, we offer armoured gloves which can be bought from our on-site shop. Armoured gloves are ideal for protecting yourself against potentially painful knuckle shots.